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2021 survey by educator funding nonprofit surveyed 5,400 educators and found that they spent, on average, at least $750 on supplies for their students annually without reimbursement. In 2022, educators are still navigating the complexities of maintaining classrooms that are both interactive and safe, amid global public health and safety concerns and massive budget cuts. Great classrooms don't just happen. Let's give our teachers what they need to give our students what they need.

This page includes our educators' personal Amazon wishlists, a consolidated school wishlist that is applicable to all classrooms, and some educator-chosen platform sites that facilitate every level of support.

Product delivery will vary from list to list.


A running list of teacher needs and requests posted on Amazon that can be purchased and donated at any time and delivered directly to the school.


Books are always the most popular request. Help our teachers expand their classroom libraries. A lot of teachers love to request graphic novels or books that are coming out as movies, so that their students can connect with the material on multiple levels.

Scholastic has "ready-to-go" classroom libraries for each grade level. Consider partnering with other parents to purchase a collection for one of our teachers.

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