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2021 survey by educator funding nonprofit surveyed 5,400 educators and found that they spent, on average, at least $750 on supplies for their students annually without reimbursement. In 2022, educators are still navigating the complexities of maintaining classrooms that are both interactive and safe, amid global public health and safety concerns and massive budget cuts. Great classrooms don't just happen. Let's give our teachers what they need to give our students what they need.

This page includes a variety of educator-chosen platforms that facilitate every level of support for educators.


A running list of teacher needs and requests is posted on Amazon that can be purchased and donated at any time.


Books are always the most popular request. Help our teachers expand their classroom libraries. A lot of teachers love to request graphic novels or books that are coming out as movies, so that their students can connect with the material on multiple levels.

Scholastic has "ready-to-go" classroom libraries for each grade level. Consider partnering with other parents to purchase a collection for one of our teachers.

Colorful Toys


Ms. Hipol

Those little hands and feet of our Kinders need hands-on learning tools to engage them in problem-solving strategies and navigate their learning environment with peers as they explore these needed concrete and tactile materials which, with your support and generosity, would help build our children's linguistic, cognitive, and physical domains.


Ms. Adams

In my classroom the carpet is a place of comfort and learning. We gather as a classroom family and not only learn academics but learn about each other. Being able to focus can be a challenge for those students who are unable to self-regulate and feel relaxed enough to concentrate. Weighted lap pads will help students regulate the proprioceptive system.  Weighted lap blankets provide sensory seeking students with a sense of body awareness and encourage them to focus less on their sensory needs and more on the lesson. A calm and safe body for each student will encourage learning and friendships to be built.

Friendly Circle


Ms. Belden

I am working to find supplemental resources to help my students become engaged in their learning and give them what they need to be successful.

I have a variety of needs in my classroom as 21 of my 26 students are ESOL. Reading and math are a focus point in the classroom and I want to support them anyway I can. A Teachers Pay Teachers gift card will provide students with supplemental resources to help expand their learning. I can provide worksheets, reading packets, study guides as well as fun activities for them to succeed.

As I am growing as a teacher I want to make sure I am meeting my student's social emotional needs. My fourth graders will benefit from new books to read, new posters to help motivate them and supplies that will help them succeed -

all focused on social emotional learning. 

Ms. Chaffin

I allow my students to have multiple work areas that get them away from sitting at a desk the entire day. Flexible seating at the group work table will incentivize them to work with other people. They have a hard time sitting down and staying focused for long periods of time and wobble cushions would help with during whole group lessons. I believe my students would be able to work better and achieve more with my requested items.


Ms. Luley

I'd like to provide my students a comfortable, healthy and safe classroom environment so they are more engaged in their learning. Hand sanitizer, hand soap, fluorescent light covers (help with preventing headaches), cleaning supplies (Lysol wipes, tissues), and comfy seating (round floor cushions, stacking stools, portable stadium seat, etc.) would help meet a variety of students needs. For #BacktoSchool2022, I hope that with your support we can provide that for my class this school year. Thank you for your support!

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