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The National PTA School of Excellence is a program designed to help local PTAs partner with their school leaders, families, students and community members to improve and promote family-school partnerships and overall well-being for all students. By enrolling in this program, our PTA and school administrators are making a year-long commitment to identify and implement an action plan for school improvement based on PTA's National Standards for Family-School Partnerships and informed by PTA’s Center for Family Engagement.



By participating in this program, we hope to:

  • Help make our school a more welcoming place for families.

  • Empower families to become advocates as part of the school decision-making process.

  • Demonstrate to our school leaders that PTA is a key partner for continuous school improvements.

  • Engage families in a way that makes a substantial, positive impact on our school and student success.

  • Attract new, action-oriented PTA members who want to focus on the issues that affect our children the most.


  1. Enroll and Gain Support (Enroll by Oct. 1)

  2. Deploy Baseline Survey to discover community needs and gaps (Sept-Nov)

  3. Choose a shared objective informed by survey results (Sept-Nov)

  4. Create a Roadmap to Excellence informed by the chosen objective

  5. Complete the Initial Application that includes the Roadmap and subsidiary plans (Submit by Nov. 1)

  6. Follow Roadmap to Excellence (Throughout School Year)

  7. Deploy Final Survey to analyze the success of the Roadmap (March-June)

  8. Complete Final Application with the results of the Roadmap (Submit by June 1)

  9. Celebrate Our Excellence if approved by National PTA (August)

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Our survey questions are based on the National Standards for Family-School Partnerships:

  • Welcoming All Families,

  • Communicating Effectively,

  • Supporting Student Success,

  • Speaking Up for Every Child,

  • Sharing Power, and

  • Collaborating with Community

The 2022 survey is closed and results have been analyzed.


After analyzing the survey results, we have chosen Education as the family engagement focus area for the 2022-2024 school years.

Within the Education focus area, we have also chosen two objectives that best describes how we will support our efforts:

  • To increase family engagement supporting student success (e.g., literacy, math, science)

  • To grow volunteer opportunities and volunteer participation among families

Our next step is the draft an action plan to make substantial improvements in our focus areas - making sure that our plan is rooted in best practices of the National Standards and the Four 'I's for Transformative Family Engagement.


After our application, complete with our Roadmap to Excellence and the results from its implementation, the National School of Excellence designation will be awarded to those PTAs and schools that meet a specific threshold or make significant improvements in strengthening their family-school partnership.

If EVES PTA is chosen as a National School of Excellence designee, our school will carry this designation for two years. And we will eat cake!

Help us make this program a success!

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