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By working together to research issues and exchange knowledge, our PTA members have been sparking change in programs and policies that benefit children for over 120 years.

Equity and inclusion are at the core of our work, as the PTA is a non-profit, non-commercial, non-sectarian and non-partisan organization whose volunteer leaders and members speak out on behalf of children’s rights to secure adequate laws for the care and protection of all children and youth.

As a parent or caregiver, as soon as you speak to a teacher or administrator about a concern, you have become an advocate for your student! Sharing your story and asking for change at the county, state, or national level makes you one of more than 4 million parents or caregivers that are members of the PTA and who volunteer their time, energy and talents to address issues and create opportunities to support the educational experience of students.


Drive change by educating the community and building awarenesss about our core priorities, participating in coalitions that align with our mission and by speaking directly with school administration and elected officials at every level of government. 



Political Conference
  1. Join and influence EVES Advocacy Committee 

  2. Help choose and steer our PTA towards a core priority that we will work on over the current school year. 

  3. Share relevant news, research, policies and webinars on any platform where you have a voice, including social media. 

  4. Develop a community event that raises awareness about a core advocacy priority.

5. Attend School Board meetings. Follow the policy discussion in their committees and share updates with families.

6. Engage with your elected representatives

  • Follow them on social media.

  • Write letters and speak at School Board meetings to share PTA positions and resolutions.

  • Attend town halls

  • Invite elected representatives to attend a PTA meeting to hear parent and teacher concerns. 

7. Attend Special Education, Minority Student or Gifted Advisory Committee meetings.

8. Share Virginia PTA and National PTA news, social media posts and advocacy webinars to inform other parents about state and national concerns.

9. Attend Virginia PTA's Annual State Capitol Day or Federal Hill day to elevate your advocacy work.

10. Participate in Virginia PTA virtual rallies or start a local rally


As PTAs we are dedicated to bringing positive change to our communities in a way that is nonpartisan, nonsectarian and noncommercial. As advocates, we help raise awareness about issues that impact our communities and speak with local, state and federal lawmakers about policies, legislation or budget priorities that impact our schools and students.

A guiding principle of our work is a commitment to inclusiveness and equity, knowledge of PTA, and professional expertise. (Bylaws Article 3, Principles) PTAs are organized exclusively for charitable, scientific, literary or educational purposes under Section 501(c)(3) of the Federal Internal Revenue Code. (Bylaws, Article 2. Section 3). As a nonpartisan association we lack affiliation with, or bias toward a political party.

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